Making animations from sprite sets

Hi everyone,

I got a request for a tutorial on making a kick animation.

I recommend finding a suitable Community Commons licensed sprite set on the web, incorporating it into Gamemaker using the instructions below, then perhaps…. if you have time, re-touching the artwork in the sprite set to make it look the way you want your character to look.

Kicking and punching is pretty similar to the walking stuff…. after you get through the 4 direction walking animation, ask me about connecting keyboard presses to kick animations, and how you might handle collisions.

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Why use spritesheets? Reducing memory and start-up time; increasing your games performance


Creating spritesheet animations – beyond the scope of this post.

Some people use Pyxel edit pro; Sean Spalding uses Flash

Community Commons (CC) licenced art- including sprite sets. Be sure an give the author credit in your game credits, if the license is CC attribution.


Using sprite sheets in Gamemaker


Getting the sprite to move in four directions using a sprite sheet


As above, done is Gamemaker 2


Another tutorial – 8 directional sprite sheet


Shaun Spaulding



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