Descent Into Madness

Descent Into Madness-27a8vwt


Descent into Madness is a game where you are trapped in a small room and you have to fight against many different enemy types and patterns. The game is a horde mode esque style as you go until you die. Complex features such as a damage system turn system and health regain system are all implemented we also have a point scoring system however this was not working in conjunction with the other systems we had at the time of exporting. We challenge you to take on this challenge to descent into madness and beat your friends time of how long they survived. From Jamie, Levi and Jordan the player sprite and code was all done from scratch which we feel is a major effort after the many setbacks our team has had in production. I’m extremely proud of our team for pulling together to bring you Descent into Madness. I’m surprised we have something this good after expecting to turn in nothing. We hope you enjoy your descent into madness.


F= Fireball

A= Arrow your main source of damage.

Arrow keys for movement

Q= Player

E= Enemy health

Space to check the damage that would be dealt.

Again I would like to thank my team we have done a great job in my opinion and I’m happy to see this post being submitted. From Coded bros Team Lead: Levi.


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