Step 2: Change profile and password

On your dashboard you have something similar to this:



By clicking on your name, it will take you to your profile page.


Fill in 1,2 and 3 with your first name. Remember a capital letter for the first letter of your name.

Students: DO NOT fill in your last name.

Teachers: at nickname, type in the name you want to be known as on your blog. Use the drop down arrow at display name publicly to choose your name that will appear whenever you write a post or leave a comment on the blog.

At 4, fill in the URL of your class blog eg – you could copy and paste from the address bar at the top and delete wp-admin and everything after it.

Change Password

Now head to the bottom of the profile page and choose a new password. Write it in both areas.

Your password needs to be medium or strong. Check out this video by Common Craft to learn about strong passwords. For more information on strong passwords, read the post linked here.

Finally click the big blue button update profile. Whenever you make changes to your profile, remember to save by clicking this button.

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