Step 5: Choosing themes

Before adding widgets and other things to the sidebar of your blog, you need to decide which theme you want to use. In the xpress360 campus set up there are about 240 themes to choose from.

Dan Leeman from Edublogs has written a great post about designing your blog including themes, fonts, etc I would suggest reading this before choosing your theme.

Before making this choice, you need to decide:

  • Will I have only one sidebar?
  • Do I want to be able to add my own header?
  • Will I have two sidebars? Where will they be? Right and left or both on right?
  • Are there links to pages in the header?
  • Will the tagline be displayed?

Edublogs has a theme overview page with lots of hints about choosing your theme. You might want to choose one out of the “Class themes” category then check if it is in the category “Mobile Friendly Themes” so your choice will work well on all devices.

They have also some pages about changing the appearance of your blog by using themes and customised headers or backgrounds.

You can change your theme as often as you like, but each time check for widgets that might have changed.

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