Step 8: Adding pages

What is the difference between a page and a post? Make sure you check it out in the glossary in the header area of this blog.

Create a page about your class

Remember not to include personal information (part of digital citizenship) but really tell us about your class. You might want to check out some examples from other students and classes.

Creating your about me page in steps

  1. Login to your blog, go to the dashboard>pages>all pages> hover under sample or about page and click edit.
  2. Delete whatever might already be in the box.
  3. Change the title to About Me or something similar.
  4. Remember to also edit the permalink to aboutme then save it.
  5. If you only have one row of icons above the box, click on the last icon called the kitchen sink. This opens a second row which allows you to change font colours and to insert from a word document.
  6. In the box, write a bit about your class remembering to be internet safe. Make sure you have checked out the pages from other classes mentioned – many of them have been blogging for a while. Here is a link to many more class blogs to check as well as other pages you might want to create for your class blog.
  7. When you have finished click the big blue button on the right side of your screen – probably says update.

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