Step 9: Adding links to sidebar

Once you start visiting other classes around the world, you might want to have a link to their blog on your sidebar to make it easier for visiting.

In the links area you can create link categories similar to post categories. You might decide to have categories called Tasmanian blogs, overseas blogs, get help here, find images here, student blogs etc.

On your dashboard> links > link categories. Put in the name of the category then click add new category at the bottom. Do this for each category you want.

Now to add the links you want on your sidebar under each of these categories.

  1. Visit xpress360 website. On the left sidebar you will see lots of links to different classes.
  2. If you want Mrs Bonde’s class linked to your blog, right click on Mrs Bonde and copy link location. Come back to your dashboard> links> add new.
  3. Under name put Mrs Bonde, then in web address paste in the link you had copied (should be
  4. Finally decide which category you will put that link eg Tasmanian blogs and on the right click blue add link button.

As well as linking to blogs, you can link to websites you want the students to use often. Check out the links on Miss T’s class blog on the left sidebar. Just copy the URL of the website and add it to your links the same way you did for class blogs.

If you don’t want lots of links on your sidebar, you could create subject links as pages as Miss Wyatt has done in the header area of her ICT blog (some links will be out of date as this blog is no longer used).

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