Done! Sort of…

Hi Mr E

Since this was the last week, I had to quickly finish the costume and give you a video. I do think that the costume could have looked better, but I didn’t have enough time.

The program was supposed to make it roam around naturally, but if something less than 1 meter away from the ultrasonic sensor, then it will charge at it.

Here is the finished product:


P.S. I was the only one here today.

Still not working…

Hi Mr E,

The ‘slinky’ is still not working. I have added 2 middle support legs to support it when it only has one leg on the ground.

Even still it doesn’t work. I also change the program, but it now resembles a fly trap.

I don’t think it is going to work because the Ev3 brick is to heavy for the motor to spin.

From Lydia


Hi Everyone,

Here is a video from Rosetta Primary School.

Great job! Original robot design, good timing with the music, nice touch to post-edit the music onto the video.

Well done Ling Rui and Sierra 🙂

Bob (Mr. E)

Robo pets (3)


(Sorry its been so long)

Hi Bob,
Today Eithan and I continued our duck! (Frank)
We did a lot this time we adjusted our neck, got the actions working and some how got this done. 😉
It was a lot of building this time anyway, we are up to the “non LEGO decorations” which is quite hard, we got the smallest bit done ever. ( AKA a l bit of card board )

Cheers from Eithan and I.

The start of the slinkie

Hi Mr E,

Today we started on our slinkie. We built the structure of the slinkie and haven’t started on the program. We are trying to figure out a program for the slinkie so we can test the program and see if it works.


From Lydia. Miki and Katiya.


Hi Bob.

Lat week and today we did RoboPets. Last week we looked at the video and put the codes together but separately. Today we put them together. You can call it by putting your hand 70cm in front of it  and stop it when you put your hand 10cm in front of it. Then you can pat it by touching the touch sensor making it do a happy dance.

Here is the video:


And here is the code:

Pobopets code screenshot-1q3zhrt


Sorry that you can’t see the whole code.

From Bo, Dylan and Cameron.