Keep Score

Hi Bob,

Today we completed the Keep Score challenge. We watched your video and completed the programming. We had no trouble doing it and we tried adding a second touch sensor but that didn’t work so we got rid of it. We had lots of fun playing with it and our high score is 2200.

From MBPS2

One thought on “Keep Score

  1. Hi Katiya,

    Thanks for the nice post. You said hello, explained what you were doing, and signed off. It might be better if you included the names of your team members, as that helps us to get to know you.

    I see that you are continuing on from your work on Smartbots last year. That is great to see.

    I wonder why your touch sensor did not work? Did you have the correct port number? Maybe if you paste a screen shot of your code we can suggest a way to fix it.

    Keep up the good work!


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