RoboPets TLC at Glen Huon

We have all just managed to make a robopet who responds to pats and gets sad when it’s not getting enough pats.

This challenge was the hardest, it took two 2hr sessions to finish – first session we managed to all make a pet that counts pats and counts down, and the second session we spent trying to program the second response – we found that they either stuck on one response or the other (happy & sad) or they flicked from one to the other crazily. We also had problems where the images wouldn’t show, or the numbers wouldn’t display.

We overcame these problems by putting the second response in it’s own loop, checking that all the little pull down cords were connected in the right spots, unchecking the erase box for the number display and adding an erase screen section in front of our image changes.

Some students enjoyed adding their own flavour to the task – Morgan (a new student in our group who has caught up very fast) programmed his pet to behave like a cat – where it would be sad when pats were less than 0, happy when pats reached 5, and then hiss angrily when pats went over 10!

I’ve attached a screen shot of a pet that worked well, in case it’s helpful for others working through this task, I’m sure there were several ways to make this work and some things we could improve on!

We’re really looking forward to making our own unique robopets, there’s already a RoboChicken in the works 🙂  Next week we’ll also start thinking about making a video for Google, to see if we can win a grant to enter the First Lego League and get a new Mindstorms kit, we only have 2 at the moment with a group of 9 kids!

Thanks for a great program, Jess & the Team 🙂

One thought on “RoboPets TLC at Glen Huon

  1. Hi Jess and friends,
    I smiled when I looked through the code for your robot. Well done.
    Thank you for a very nice, detailed post. That will help the other teams understand what you have accomplished, and perhaps inspire them to create their own robopets.
    I look forward to seeing more from your team.
    Bob (Mr. E)

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