Hi Mr E,

Today we finished the terrific transport thanks to the robot and the advice you gave us. Thank you again for the robot because without it we couldn’t have finished. We managed to pair them after a few tries and had lots of fun playing with it. We drove it up and down the hallway, although we have trouble steering it around, so it mainly spins around in circles. Here is a video of us controlling it.

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki.

One thought on “Finished!

  1. Hi Katiya, Lydia and Miki,
    That was quick… you only got the robot a short time ago! I am glad you posted a video… the other students can get a better sense of what your robot was doing from the video. I suspect the problem is the way the task is designed. Now that you know how to use Bluetooth, can you figure out a way to use brick buttons to drive the other robot?
    Well done,
    Bob (Mr. E)

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