The start of level 5

Hi Mr E,

Today we started level 5 and got a little bit of progress. Meaning we got it working then it stopped working so we tried changing our program lots of times but couldn’t figure it out. We start the program and the robot drives forward for a few seconds then it beeps and the program stops before it goes over the black lines. We think that the problem is that we changed something so we will change it back again next session.

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki

One thought on “The start of level 5

  1. Hi Katiya, Lydia and Miki,
    I am really pleased you decided to take on the challenges of level 5. My instructions are a bit sketchy right now (because of the pages that got deleted at the end of last year, I think). I will try and give a few more supporting details on the blog page before your meeting next Thursday.
    I think it will be really exciting what you accomplish in this unit!
    Bob (Mr. E)

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