Hi Mr E,

We tried your program that you emailed Mrs Smith and it worked. The second one we tried just beeped. We didn’t  have any more progress after that. We had lots of difficulties with making the robot detect the thick and thin lines. We know it is something to do with our program but we can’t figure out what it is. It was quite frustrating that we couldn’t figure it out

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki

One thought on “NO PROGRESS!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Miki, Katiya, and Lydia,
    Thanks for the feedback on the new approaches to making a bar code reading robot. It is a challenging task… that is why I put it after the other four challenges. I will think about ways to give you hints to progress towards the goal. Perhaps I will be able to stop by next week and give you some hints in person.
    Keep up the good work!

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