Barcode part 2

HI Mr E,

Today we recreated the program that we made last session and we were trying to figure out how to make different beeps on different lines. We can’t figure out how to do it but we had the idea of having a ‘if than do this’ block but we couldn’t find it. We are wondering if you have any suggestions on what to do. We were thinking that we need it to do the command ‘if number printed on screen is less than 22 then play beep’ to recognise the thin lines and more than 22 but less than 150 for the thick and to play a different beep.


From Miki, Lydia and Katiya.

One thought on “Barcode part 2

  1. Hi Miki, Lydia and Katiya,
    I am glad to hear from you.
    After our last discussion, I thought you had decided to rest on your laurels and do a more creative project. However, if you would like to go on with the bar code reader, I have lots of ideas. I will think on this for a little while… perhaps give you a different example to try. Because the challenge is tricky, I will give you more details than I might normally give.
    Good on ya!
    I look forward to your next post.

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