Hi Bob.

Lat week and today we did RoboPets. Last week we looked at the video and put the codes together but separately. Today we put them together. You can call it by putting your hand 70cm in front of it  and stop it when you put your hand 10cm in front of it. Then you can pat it by touching the touch sensor making it do a happy dance.

Here is the video:


And here is the code:

Pobopets code screenshot-1q3zhrt


Sorry that you can’t see the whole code.

From Bo, Dylan and Cameron.

One thought on “RoboPets

  1. Hi Dylan, Bo and Cameron,
    Thanks for the very nice post. You put in a video and a screen shot of your code. These details help bring your robot to life for the readers.
    I look forward to your next post.
    Bob (Mr. E)

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