Course outline

SmartBots is an online robotics extension program for Tasmanian school students in Years 5-8.

Working in small teams, students use LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics kits and accompanying software to work through a series of skill building activities and challenges. Ownership of a kit is not a requirement for participation (a limited number of loan kits are available), and newcomers are welcome!

SmartBots is delivered through the Department of Education’s eLearning Programs by Rob Torok, a teacher based at Claremont College.

Year outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Robotics (Dance)
Unit 2: RoboPets
Unit 3: Funfair Fantasies
Unit 4: Terrific Transport

Skills levels

Achievement in SmartBots is recognised with four skill levels…

SmartBots Novice – Start the course.
SmartBots Apprentice – Complete the first unit.
SmartBots Expert – Complete two units.
SmartBots Master – Complete three or more units.

Requirements for course completion

You will receive a certificate of participation just for having a go at SmartBots, but to complete a course (and be recognised as an Apprentice, etc.), you will will need to:

  • work through the tutorials and challenges
  • maintain a journal for each challenge
  • submit a brief video for the final challenge in each unit by the due date.