Frequently asked questions

Why hasn’t my post been published?

Before your post is published, it needs to be reviewed by the online delivery teacher (i.e. Rob!). This typically will happen within a day or so, and any quick fixes (minor spelling mistakes, capital letters, formatting) will be done at this time.

If, however, you find that your post hasn’t appeared within a week, then something is wrong and you should check the following…

Did you remember your team name?

When you create a new post, remember that you should always set your team name as the category – and to be safe include your team name in the body of your post!

Sometimes I’ll look up your team name and set it for you, but often it’s just easier for me to set your post back to Draft and leave it to you to fix.

Did you remember to “Submit for Review”?

If you don’t hit “Submit for Review”, your posts stays saved as Draft.

It’s good to save your post as Draft if you don’t get a chance to finish it straight away and want to come back to it later on, but you must remember to select Submit for Review when you’re finished.

To see your drafts, just log in to the site (and go to the Dashboard if you’re not already there), and choose Posts (it’s on the left-hand side of the Dashboard).

Also, remember that because each post is linked to the account of the person who created it, you will need the team member who created the posts to be logged in.

How do we register for SmartBots?

SmartBots is offered as part of the Tasmanian Department of Education’s eLearning Programs.

Enrolments are advertised through the DoE’s InfoStream at the end of each calendar year for the subsequent year and throughout the year depend on available places.

More information and contact details are available here.

How do we get the EV3 software?

If you’ve been having trouble with the EV3 Software, then it might be worth updating your copy.

You can get the latest version of the EV3 Software from:

Our EV3 brick isn’t working properly, what can we do?

If you’re having a problem with your EV3 brick, it might be worth trying another EV3 brick to make sure that it’s not just a problem with your programming etc.

Next, try working through the suggestions on the article EV3 gone wrong: What to do when your EV3 stops working from

If that doesn’t help, then contact Rob!

How do we upload video?

To upload video to a post, you can either upload it directly to the site using the “Add media” button or, if possible, upload to youtube and then just drop the youtube link into your post.

When uploading video directly to the SmartBots site…

  • Please record your video as either an *.mp4 (e.g. using an Android phone) or *.mov (e.g. using an iPhone/iPod).
  • Avoid *.avi if possible, because avi files need to be downloaded completely before playing back so mp4 and mov are better for streaming.
  • The maximum size for uploads onto this site is 20MB, so you need to keep your video short and record it in a fairly low resolution. Generally speaking, video recorded on a phone or a still camera should be fine, but you might need to experiment a bit with this.

For some devices (like phones, iPads and tablets), the ‘Add Media’ button does not work. In this case, you have several options:

  • You can put the file in our Dropbox account using the URL below (no sign-up required).
  • You can upload them to an OSX mac over USB cable.
  • Similarly, you can share photos and movies over the Android charging
    cable plugged into a Windows or OSX computer.
  • For everything except iPads and iPhones, you can save the files to a microSD card and then plug that into your computer, if you have a microSD to USB adapter.

Then, once you have the files on your PC, go to the Smartbots journal page you are editing and press the ‘Add Media’  button. Then you can drag and
drop the video/pictures or browse to find them.

Dropbox Instructions

Bookmark this URL.


First name: B
Last Name: E

After the upload is completed, DON’T SIGN UP FOR DROPBOX

How do we post screenshots of our code?

If you would like to post a screenshot of your code, try this:

1) Press the print screen button on your computer’s keyboard.

2) Press the Windows button then type Paint and hit the enter button.

3) Hold down the control button and briefly press the V button.

4) Save the picture on your hard drive.

5) Upload it to your post like a movie.