How to post a new journal entry

1. Go to and log in.

2. Select “+ NEW > Post” from the menu. (Note: You can do this from anywhere on the site.)

3. Categories – select your school/team name!! (This one is important!)

4. Write your journal entry!

5. Before submitting your post, please check that you have the following in your post…

  • Title – keep it concise but specific, sentence case e.g. “Today we started SmartBots” or “Our fantastic Ferris Wheel!”
  • Images (e.g. screenshots, photos, diagrams…) – Please aim to include at least one image in your post!
    • In Windows, the Snipping Tool provides an easy way to take a screenshot and save it to a file as either a *.png or *.jpg file.
    • To add an image or other media to your post, choose “Add Media” from just below the post title, then select the “Upload Files” tab. You can either browse to your file, or drag and drop it into the window.
  • Additional media – if applicable (e.g. PDFs, presentations, sample programs, …)
  • Format – Leave this on Standard – In fact, you may as well hide this option altogether… Select “Screen Options” in the top right corner and then deselect “Format”. Select “Screen Options” again to tuck it out of the way.
  • Categories – select your school/team name!! (This one is so important it’s worth mentioning twice!)
  • Tags (optional) – any keywords that relate to your post that might make it easier to find in a search
  • Featured image – if you’ve got one, choose an image from your post that will appear in summary lists.

6. Finally, save your post as “Submit for Review”.


What to include in your journal

Sometimes I’ll ask you to include something specific in your journal, but in general, I’d like you to post something weekly including…

  • what you’ve done in SmartBots this week
  • what problems you’ve had and how you fixed them
  • what you’ve learned
  • what you’re planning to do next time.