Introductory workshops

Each year, SmartBots usually begins with an introductory workshop for students and mentors. This is held in different locations around the state according to demand.

The idea of the workshop is to give the students and mentors (especially those new to robotics) an opportunity to become familiar with the kits and the software. It will be very hands-on! You will be given a series of simple challenges designed to introduce you to the basics of…

  • Studless LEGO building
  • The Engineering Design Process
  • Building a simple robot
  • Getting started with robot programming
  • Posting team journals on the site

What to bring…

  • One laptop per team
  • A means of recording and sharing video – e.g. Smart phone (and the cable that goes with it!), Flip camera, etc.
  • You are welcome to bring someone else along from your school (classroom teacher, IT trainee, interested parent, etc.).

There is no relief funding available for the workshops, but bookings are essential!