Still not working…

Hi Mr E,

The ‘slinky’ is still not working. I have added 2 middle support legs to support it when it only has one leg on the ground.

Even still it doesn’t work. I also change the program, but it now resembles a fly trap.

I don’t think it is going to work because the Ev3 brick is to heavy for the motor to spin.

From Lydia


The start of the slinkie

Hi Mr E,

Today we started on our slinkie. We built the structure of the slinkie and haven’t started on the program. We are trying to figure out a program for the slinkie so we can test the program and see if it works.


From Lydia. Miki and Katiya.


Hi Mr Bob,

We have decided to stop the barcode work. Our idea is to make a vehicle to go down stairs like a slinkie. We hope you like this idea that we are creating.


From Miki, Lydia, Katiya, MBPS2

Barcode part 2

HI Mr E,

Today we recreated the program that we made last session and we were trying to figure out how to make different beeps on different lines. We can’t figure out how to do it but we had the idea of having a ‘if than do this’ block but we couldn’t find it. We are wondering if you have any suggestions on what to do. We were thinking that we need it to do the command ‘if number printed on screen is less than 22 then play beep’ to recognise the thin lines and more than 22 but less than 150 for the thick and to play a different beep.


From Miki, Lydia and Katiya.

Bar code reader

Hi Mr E and Rob,

We have made some more progress with Mr E. We learnt how to do connect our robot to the computer using Bluetooth. Mr E showed us how to make the robot recognise the thin and thick lines and the piece of blank paper by using a threshold. If the robot is on the thick lines it will be greater than 150 or 100 and the thin lines will be less than 150 or 100. Thank you Mr E for coming to the school to helping us.


From Miki, Lydia and Katiya. MBPS2


Hi Mr E,

We tried your program that you emailed Mrs Smith and it worked. The second one we tried just beeped. We didn’t  have any more progress after that. We had lots of difficulties with making the robot detect the thick and thin lines. We know it is something to do with our program but we can’t figure out what it is. It was quite frustrating that we couldn’t figure it out

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki

Barcode Challenge

Hi Mr E,

We’ve been working on the first part of the barcode reading challenge. It does beep when it goes over the line, but if we have the colour sensor too low, it detects the floor and beeps, because we have a dark blue coloured floor. It detects the thin lines now. We have tried to trouble shoot as much as we can and we think it is finished. We have realised that with the thick lines it beeps at the start and the end of the line as well. How do you make the robot sense only black and make it beep only when it goes over black? We thought we had it set that it would only sense black, but why does it sense the dark blue on the floor? Does it have anything to do with the lighting? Here is screenshot of our program:



Here is a video of it:

From Katiya, Miki and Lydia.

The start of level 5

Hi Mr E,

Today we started level 5 and got a little bit of progress. Meaning we got it working then it stopped working so we tried changing our program lots of times but couldn’t figure it out. We start the program and the robot drives forward for a few seconds then it beeps and the program stops before it goes over the black lines. We think that the problem is that we changed something so we will change it back again next session.

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki


Hi Mr E,

Today we finished the terrific transport thanks to the robot and the advice you gave us. Thank you again for the robot because without it we couldn’t have finished. We managed to pair them after a few tries and had lots of fun playing with it. We drove it up and down the hallway, although we have trouble steering it around, so it mainly spins around in circles. Here is a video of us controlling it.

From Katiya, Lydia and Miki.