Hi Bob.

Lat week and today we did RoboPets. Last week we looked at the video and put the codes together but separately. Today we put them together. You can call it by putting your hand 70cm in front of it  and stop it when you put your hand 10cm in front of it. Then you can pat it by touching the touch sensor making it do a happy dance.

Here is the video:


And here is the code:

Pobopets code screenshot-1q3zhrt


Sorry that you can’t see the whole code.

From Bo, Dylan and Cameron.

New robot from Boat Harbour

Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures of her team’s robot that Bo sent me by e-mail. It is a solidly built robot that will be able to do many challenges …… I am pleased to see you building, I am pleased to hear from you. I look forward to some videos.

Bob (Mr. E)

I Feel Like Dancing!

Hi Bob,

Sorry we have been absent for a while – the blog wasn’t working. Last week we figured out how to make our robot dance and play Mary Had a Little Lamb at the same time. We put the music in by playing the individual nots into our programming. Here is the dance:


And here is a small bit of the programme:

From Bo, Dylan and Cameron.

Hello to the Alien

IMG_0532 (1)-z9b9p9

The challenge we did was called hello to alien and we had to build a robot that could drive to the alien say hello spin around and come back to us. Our ELO teacher had a robot design that we had to build and program it to do the challenge. We had real fun building it and programming it,;[p but it did take a while to complete this challenge, because we kept spinning the robot to much so it didn’t get back to the starting line and also it kept knocking over the Alien.



Bo, Dylan and Cameron

Video for Earth to Moon


This is the challenge called Earth to Moon. We first had to make a robot that moved properly. We then had to make it go from a 25cm square (which was the Earth), to a 10cm square (which was the moon), 1 metre apart from each other and then make it turn around and come back to the Earth. The robot had to have at least 1 wheel in the square.