”Hi Bob”

Sorry. Bailey and I have been away for a bit. We have put some legs on our pet elephant. I hope we can get him finished. I want to get the program finished today.

Matthew & Bailey

Here boy

(If you have trouble seeing he video, try using Google Chrome as the browser)

Today we made the here boy challenge work finally. At first we made a completely different program using a switch   that worked but it wouldn’t let me put the sound in, so when we found out about the easy way on the website it gave us relief and we got it done.

From Matthew and Bailey

Cockroach challenge

Hi Bob,

Today we did the cockroach challenge and we had to work for longer than normal because of how long the video went for, but it worked in the end.We had to adjust the light sensor many times. For some reason we can’t get the video to upload.

From Matthew and Bailey