Robo pets (3)


(Sorry its been so long)

Hi Bob,
Today Eithan and I continued our duck! (Frank)
We did a lot this time we adjusted our neck, got the actions working and some how got this done. 😉
It was a lot of building this time anyway, we are up to the “non LEGO decorations” which is quite hard, we got the smallest bit done ever. ( AKA a l bit of card board )

Cheers from Eithan and I.

Ultimate ROBO_PET,17089

Dear Bob, I AKA Eithan have started our design I have almost completed the idea for the skull for our pet…
DUCK! oh & its name is Fred the Rainbow Duck.

It is also very hard to come up with a design without William & the annoying thing is that I put the skull the wrong way “mph”.

From Eithan