Done! Sort of…

Hi Mr E

Since this was the last week, I had to quickly finish the costume and give you a video. I do think that the costume could have looked better, but I didn’t have enough time.

The program was supposed to make it roam around naturally, but if something less than 1 meter away from the ultrasonic sensor, then it will charge at it.

Here is the finished product:


P.S. I was the only one here today.

Onto The Costume

Hey Mr. E,

In this session we started to think up a costume after finishing our programming, which is meant to charge at something when it is closer than 1 metre.

We have also been studying rhino’s movements online to see the structure of the costume that we need. We will be making this costume with cardboard from cereal boxes.

Laura, Ollie and Hamish.

Building a rhino

Hi Mr E

Our plans for our half built rhino is that if we clap or wave our hand at it, a charge would be triggered  at the motion or sound.

Hopefully when our rhino is done he will have a large horn and a snazzy costume.

Ollie, Hamish and Laura

Onto the TLC challange

Hi Mr E,

Today we started to work on the TLC task.

We finished making the robot from the tutorial and we have started modifying the sounds, so that after ten presses of the button to start laughing and smiling like the video, although we have personalized it so that when we don’t press it after 10 seconds, it cries.

Laura, Hamish, Ollie


Adding more programming

Hi Mr E,

Toady we were adding to our programming, what we added was mostly parts from the video of our task. We added parts that improved our programming that we already had made ourselves. The parts were blocks that made our robot sense the objects around it, if it sees any obstacles. Although, now when we press the touch sensor button, it no longer does a very slow happy dance.

We’ll try to fix these problems next week.

Laura, Ollie and Hamish