3. Funfair fantasies

It’s a roller-coaster ride of adventure at the robot funfair. Imagine and create original games of chance and skill at the sideshow alley or create an impossible thrill rides in the amusement park.

Couldn't resist it!
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This unit consists of three tutorials and one open-ended challenge. To complete this unit, you will need to work through the tutorials and then complete the final task, which is to create your own Funfair Fantasies challenge

3.1 Etch-a-sketch

  • Using motors as sensors
  • Drawing to the screen

3.2 Keep score

  • Working with variables
  • Displaying numbers on the screen

3.3 Reaction timer

  • Random numbers
  • Timers

3.4 Design your own challenge

  • Design, build and program either a game of skill or chance for a robotic sideshow alley, or build an amusement park thrill ride.


Next: Etch-a-sketch (Password required – you need to complete Unit 2 first!)


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