1.2 Do a little dance (EV3)

As you work through this challenge page, you will learn about:

  • The Action palette
  • The Move block
  • How to download and run a program

I’d like you to watch the following tutorial, then see if you can reproduce the program I demonstrate, and then finally I’d like to have a go at coming up with your own basic dance routine.

1.Introduction to the EV3 Software


Here are some alternative links in case the embedded video above doesn’t work…

  • YouTube:
  • SafeShare:
  • MP4: Coming soon!

2. Do a little dance

a) As described in the video, your first challenge is to make your robot perform this simple dance routine…

  • move forward
  • move back
  • turn left
  • turn right
  • stop

You will need a separate Move block for each of these steps (except for the ‘stop’ at the end of the sequence – do you know why?).

3. Dance dance baby!

Now I’d like you to come up with an original dance routine that includes some trickier moves of your own.

For example…

  • How could you make your robot move in a zigzag?
  • What about moving in a circle rather than turning on the spot?
  • What about a wave?
  • What other shapes could your robot trace out?

You can create a new program within the same project – remember to save your projects!!

4. Share it!

Finally, take a screenshot of your dance routine (e.g. with the Snipping Tool in Windows) and add it to your team journal (use the Add Media button at the top of the screen when you’re editing your post).


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