1.3 Do a little dance

For this challenge, I would like you to recreate a simple dance routine that I will describe, and then I would like you to come up with an original dance that includes some trickier moves.

1. Do a little dance

a) To begin, let’s see if you can make your robot perform this simple dance routine…

  • move forward
  • move back
  • turn left
  • turn right
  • stop

You will need a separate Move block for each of these steps (except for the ‘stop’ at the end of the sequence – do you know why?).

Here’s the start of the program to do these actions, with the first two blocks…

Can you see how I’ve changed the Direction in the second Move block, and increased the Duration to 3 Rotations. What is the result of these settings? (click on the image for a bigger version)

b) I’d now like you to add the remaining two block required to finish the routine described above.

2. Dance unlimited

Now I’d like you to come up with an original dance routine that includes some trickier moves of your own.

For example…

  • How could you make your robot move in a zigzag?
  • What about moving in a circle rather than turning on the spot?
  • What about a wave?
  • What other shapes could your robot trace out?

You can create a new program by going back to the welcome screen and entering a name for your new program and selecting “Go”. To go back to the welcome screen at any time, just select the little black and orange icon in the top left corner of the window…

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