1.5 The great dance off!

The final challenge for this page is to create an entertaining and interesting dance routine.

If you accept this challenge, your routine should…

  • consist of a number of obviously different dance patterns.
  • use two different kinds of Loops (or, if you’re really keen, all three that you’ve looked at: forever, time, count

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko via Compfight

To complete this challenge and unlock the next challenge: post a journal entry including…

  • a description of your dance routine
  • a screenshot of your program (or attached a zipped *.rbt file)
  • a video of your robot doing its dance!

Some tips about video

  • Please record your video as either an *.mp4 (e.g. using an Android phone) or *.mov (e.g. using an iPhone/iPod).
  • Avoid *.avi if possible, because avi files need to be downloaded completely before playing back so mp4 and mov are better for streaming.
  • The maximum size for uploads onto this site is 19MB, so you need to keep your video short and record it in a fairly low resolution. Generally speaking, video recorded on a phone or a stil camera should be fine, but you might need to experiment a bit with this.

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2 thoughts on “1.5 The great dance off!

  1. hey rob today we downloded a few different dances but haven’t decided on one for the great dance off just yet. We will hopefully send you a video of our dance when we have finished recording our dance.
    p.s quick question, how do you record sound for your robot.