Here is a summary of the final challenges for each unit that have been completed, as evidenced by your journal posts. thumbs upstar

See below for more information…

Final Challenges Completed

Team Journal
RoboPet Funfair
Austin’s Ferry PS  thumbs up  thumbs up
Boat Harbour PS 1
Boat Harbour PS 2
Devonport PS 1
Devonport PS 2
Devonport PS 3
Forest PS 1
Forest PS 2
Franklin PS
Gagebrook PS 1
Gagebrook PS 2
Glen Huon PS 1
Glen Huon PS 2
 Goodwood PS 1
 Goodwood PS 2
 Illawarra PS 1
 Illawarra PS 2
 Invermay PS 1
 Invermay PS 3
Lenah Valley PS 1
Lenah Valley PS 2
Lindisfarne PS 1
Lindisfarne PS 2
Lindisfarne PS 3
Miandetta PS  thumbs up thumbs up
Molesworth PS 1
Molesworth PS 2
Montagu Bay PS 1  thumbs up  thumbs up
Montagu Bay PS 2  thumbs up star thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Mount Nelson PS
Rosetta PS 1
Rosetta PS 2
Perth PS 1
Perth PS 2
Ringarooma PS 1
Ringarooma PS 2
Spreyton PS 1
Spreyton PS 2
Strahan PS 1
Strahan PS 2
Swansea PS 1
Swansea PS 2
Tasmanian eSchool 1
Trevallyn PS  thumbs up  star


thumbs up To earn a “thumbs up” for a particular challenge, you need to complete the challenge and create a basic post about your project, typically including a photo of your robot, a screenshot of your program, and/or a video.

star To earn a “star”, your post needs to either include all of the requirements (photo, screenshot, video) and/or demonstrates something extra that goes beyond the original challenge.

But we already did that challenge!

What to do if you completed a challenge that’s not shown here…

  1. First, did you create a post about it?
  2. If your post hasn’t appeared within a day or two…
    •  Maybe your post has been set back to draft because you forgot to set your team name or something else important.
    • You can check the status of your posts by logging in and selecting Posts.
  3. If your post has been published (i.e. it’s visible on the site) but you still haven’t been given a “thumbs up” for your work, please contact us.