Miss Wyatt’s visit


Creative Commons License Laurie Sullivan via Compfight

Sue came today after recess and showed us a bit about blogging. We learnt about:

  • what we can put on the blog
  • how to write a post
  • we can add a virtual pet to our blog
  • we can add a video or photo  to our posts

We also learnt that we can’t put these on our blog:

  • date of birth
  • address
  • where you go for after school activities
  • phone number
  • last name

We need to write an About Us page so our overseas visitors can learn about us. We can mention our hobbies, our age, first name only. We need to mention our kitchen garden project as not many schools do this.

Programing with code combat

P1070884 Hi, I code with my mum using Code Combat. It’s a fun programming with Code Combat. You should play it too. It’s a good game for kids that want to program. I have been using it for 7 months. A bit about me 🙂 My name is fraser but I like to be called fra-fra or fraz. 🙂

My Own Band

Au Revoir Simone Hi, I am Maya and I want to tell you about the idea that I had last Thursday.Okay, last Thursday I had the slightly crazy idea to start a band with my friends.Mae, Althea and Austin all agreed!Together we decided that Mae would play violin, Austin would play key-board, Althea would do percussion and I would be lead singer.We are still deciding on a name for the band but I think it should be Shining Stars.Can you think of a good name for our band?


Camping with Scouts

I have been in scouts for 2 years and it has been really fun. On 6.11.15 to 8.11.15 I went on a trip with Scouts a long way from Blackmans Bay. I went to a beach too. It was at a Girl Guides camp but it is also the Scouts.There were 6 Joeys, 7 Cubs and 11 Scouts. I got very wet and when I say very I mean alot! At the end of the camp I was very tired. When I got home I played on my X-Box. I have been on 2 camps in Scouts. You should join scouts now it’s fun. 🙂Home Sweet Home Spain_Bike trip_104Pemberton Music FestivalWatercolors Over Desert








Hello! My name is Molly, you might remember me from when we visited Brightside Farm Sanctuary. I am from England, and am travelling around Australia and New Zealand. So far I have been along the East Coast, stayed on an olive farm in the Hunter Valley and visited Mrs McKee in Tasmania. I am in Melbourne right now, and heading to New Zealand on Thursday. I’ll put some photos up soon for you to have a look at! Have you ever been to New Zealand? Have you visited many places in Australia?

This photo is of Finn, from Adventure Time, on Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday islands off the coast of Queensland. Have you been to this beach, or any beautiful beaches like it? And do you like Adventure Time? It’s my favourite cartoon!

Welcome to our Class Blog

Welcome to 2/3 McKee class blog! We are all very excited to learn about blogging and be connected with other classes from around the world. We are looking forward to sharing our life at school and learning what others are doing.

Maybe you are interested in Minecraft, horse riding, dancing or reading.

Leave a comment telling me about a topic you would like to include in our class blog.