If, STETS Analysis

The poem ‘If’ by Rudy Kipling is about being strong. Its is about different things that life gives you and what/how you can deal with it.

The theme of this poem is about having the strength, like in the line “If you can keep your head when all about you a are losing there’s and blaming it on you” This is showing that you keep going and try to persist and it doesn’t matter about everyone else.

I think that this poem has an emotion of empowerment and inspiring because I find that when I read it I feel a sense of being empowered and I feel energised by the words.

The technique of this poem is repetition, at the start of most lines the word ‘if’ is said (hense the name) But this is repetition.

The structure of this poem is an this poem has an a b a b rhyming structure, Its doesn’t flw but it works well, this give it a strong way f getting a massage across.


Stets Analysis of Flying

This poem is about looking at the moon and studying its appearance.

The theme is the moon.

The emotion and tone of this poem in contemptment .

The technique is a flowing structure.

It has a an a b c b rhyming structure with 4 line stanzas and five verses.


The harsh summer sun beats down on the earth,

I hear the laugh of people in the cool surf.

The iconic sound of sizzling barbies and clinking beers,

Back yard cricket and men saying cheers,

Cheers to Australia, my beautiful home,

No matter where I go I will never dis-own,



Life is like weather

Life is like weather in which it always changes,

Life is like weather in which its un-predictable,

Life is like weather in which you cant control,

Life is like weather as it can be good and bad.




The purpose of poetry

This blog for our poetry will help us show our work and what we have been working on in the unit ‘unlocking the power of poetry’, it will show our understanding for poetry. We will gain knowledge of others opinions of poetry and will help us talk and discuss poems.

Blue Flower

Blue flower
I saw a blue flower
One stormy day.
So I watched it dance in the wind.
All of its petals shook and waved.
Over the hill and far far away,
Like a bird they flew
Flapped around,
The little blew flower now dead on the ground.

Sophie Radford. Caleb Irwin. Tryon Jetson.


She lays alone, in the bed of her room,
As the scent of old sheets fill her nose.
She hears the cracks of her betrayed hurts growing,
As the she tastes the salty tears of anger.
She lays by herself thinking about regrets.

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