My Writing

Yea what else can I say, I’m just going to upload my writing work here and constantly update the large stories as I work on them.


Heres a lil something if you wanna know more.


About me-28xs9vg

2 Thoughts.

  1. Jack,
    There is a plugin that allows you to add the actual powerpoint rather than just a link. Not sure though if you can set it yourself. Try this:
    In your dashboard, go to Plugins> find Embed any document and activate it.
    If you have added it properly, you should see another icon next to compfight in your post area.

    Don’t worry, I tried it myself and it is working on your blog. If you want to put the actual powerpoint in your blog, get back to me and I will changed the status of your blog back to draft and you can make the changes yourself.

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