My Farm

Feathered Chickens in Market, Oudômxai Laos

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At  my farm we have baby animals. We have sheep and chickens. I enjoy playing with my chickens.

Soon we are going to live next to someone in my class. They make noise on their motorbikes. Their farm is next to our farm. We have fun together. We all have fun on the bus getting home from school.

About Isobel

I am in grade 2 and I live in southern Tasmania. I live with my mum, dad  and my brother.

We have 6 pets in total.  We have 4 birds and 2 dogs. The birds are Alvin, Allan, Dash and Cocoa while the dogs are Mac and Diesel.

After school my brother, me and my friends like to play it the clown. When we go to  after school care, we play hide and  seek with my brother and Lilly.

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