What can I write about?

G’day class,

There are some weeks when I wont be able to run the online classroom. I have family commitments on some Fridays now that my mother has gone deaf and can’t drive the car.

I will always try to write a post giving you some ideas of what to do for that week.

But remember your blog is yours, so if you have something interesting to add to your blog, then do that rather than what I suggest.

So for this week, your topics could be:

  • ANZAC Day and what it means to you
  • What you did in the Easter holidays …
  • Your goals in blogging for term 2

Blogging goals would be great to read because that way I would know what you want to be able to do on your blog and I could teach that in one of the online lessons.

Next Thursday I will be in Devonport with a group of students starting to blog and will be returning to Hobart on the Friday, so hope I will get home in time for the lesson.

As well as writing posts, you could be checking your comments to see if you have to reply to someone. You could also be visiting other blogs and writing comments on those posts that interest you. I will add some other student blogs to the links on the sidebar over the next week.