Links, pet and comments

If you didn’t get into our online classroom this week, then here is the new link to join us. The blackboard collaborate link is now on a server in Australia, rather than in Europe so the URL will have an au at the beginning rather than eu.

Each week, check the “Work completed” page in the header of this blog. You can see what you need to do by the end of this term. As you complete the work for the work completed page, you could tell me while in the online classroom lessons on Fridays or you could leave me a comment on this post or the work completed page.

This week’s work

  1. Add the new link to our classroom onto your sidebar links area. Read this post if you have forgotten how to add a link to your sidebar. Steps 4/5 are the important ones to read. Add it under the Get Help area. Seth – also add link to Mr Samphier’s students Zac – add links to Mrs Moore, Mrs Coe, Mr Fenn’s students as well.
  2. Luka – go to next activity. Seth – finish football on the oval draft. Zac – finish ANZAC Day march. Boys – to get to your draft, dashboard> posts> all posts, then hover under your draft and click on edit. This will open into your post area for you to finish the post. Remember to explain things well and take note of anything I have written in red. Delete my red writing before submitting.
  3. Luka and Zac – go to next activity. Seth – you need to change your blog theme to something that is mobile friendly – dashboard>appearance> themes, choose mobile friendly category then choose theme.
  4. Create a pet for your blog sidebar. Here are the instructions.
  5. Visit some student blogs listed on the sidebar and leave some comments.
  6. Write another post maybe explaining why you chose that pet, or explain the comments you left on other student blogs.

Notice you all need to complete an “About Me” page. To do this copy what you wrote in the about me post and paste it into a page instead. Refresh your own blog once I have published it and it should appear near sample page in your sidebar.  If you can’t see sample page on your blog anywhere, then go to widgets and drag across the pages one.

How to … add a cyber pet to your sidebar

Here is a post with step by step instructions for adding a cyber pet as a widget on your blog sidebar.

1. Go to this website

2. Choose the pet you want by clicking on it.

3. Now customize your pet by changing colour, adding a name for the pet and putting in your name as the adopter.  You should be seeing on the left of the page what your changes will make your pet look like. It wont accept Capital Letters for names though.



4. Now choose other sites and click on copy code button.



5. Now the last step is to copy the code into your blog widget area. Go to your blog dashboard> appearance> widgets

Drag a text box to the sidebar where you want the pet to appear. Put in a title if you want and paste in the code that is on your clipboard – use control V.

Save and then close. Go to your blog, refresh the blog and you should now have your pet in the sidebar.


What other widgets would you like on your blog?


All about commenting

Have you seen this great video by the grade 3 students in Mrs Yollis’  class in California? If not, watch it before doing the rest of the activities.

Today you are going to go out and leave great quality comments on each others blogs. But first check out this fantastic post by Jennifer, who wrote about some comments she left.

  • Why are her comments quality comments?
  • What has she included at the end of each comment? Why?

Now it is your turn.

1.  Visit each others blogs and leave comments on at least three of them.

Luka, Seth, Zachariah – all from this online classroom – check the sidebar for the links

Jason, Monique, Sarah, Travis, Chelsea, Shaun – from Mr Samphier’s class which is linked on the sidebar of this blog

2.  Now write a post showing the comments you left.

Make sure you include a link to the actual post where you left the comment.

3. Leave a comment on this post about commenting.

  • Do you enjoy it?
  • Was it easy to find 3 posts to comment on?

Each of you now can moderate your own comments left on your blog. If there is a number in the comment icon in the black bar at the top of your blog, then you know someone has left a comment.


How to … add links to sidebar

You have started visiting other students and classes and there are some you want to go back and visit often. Or you have some teachers leaving comments on your blog  and you want to visit their class blog easily. You want to get to our online classroom  or student bloggers blog quickly.

How do you do that?

Answer: You add a link from their blog to your blogroll on your sidebar.

Step 1. Decide on some categories for your links eg Get Help, Global Classes, Global Students, Tasmanian Classes, Favourite Websites

Step 2. Dashboard> links> link categories Fill in the name, click the add link category button and make sure it appears on the list on the right hand side. Repeat this for each category.


Step 3. Now to add your actual links to the blogs.  We are going to add the link to our online classroom first. We will put it under the category Get Help.

Step 4. Go to student bloggers blog, down the sidebar to find the link for the online classroom. Right click on link then copy link location or copy shortcut if using Internet Explorer.


Step 5. Dashboard> links> add new

(1)Type in the name, (2)paste in the web address, (3)choose category to add it into then (4)click big blue add link button.


Step 6. Adding other links is very similar. Go to your class blog. Copy the URL from up in the address bar. Come back to your blog and follow step 5 again.

Step 7. Some themes don’t allow you to group your links into categories. Instead they are just listed in alphabetical order.

Step 8. Refresh your personal blog. Have the links shown up in the sidebar? If they haven’t, dashboard>appearance> widgets and drag across links.

Make sure you have added at least five new links to your blog : online classroom, students as bloggers blog and three others. Have at least one in each link category.