Welcome new student bloggers

Welcome to the students blogging with Mr Samphier. I spent some time with you this week and I was very impressed with the amount of learning you covered in about a four hour period.

You will notice below the header area in this blog, there is a page called “Work completed“. This is where I will be keeping a record of the blogging you do over the rest of the year. Students who have completed all the work will receive a gold certificate at the end of the year and the students who have completed most activities will still receive a certificate.

If you are unsure about the work to do, leave a comment on the work completed page. I will either leave an answer there for you or I will direct you to a post which explains things.

Hope you enjoy blogging this year and remember

  • You can blog on any computer, anywhere in the world
  • You just need to know the URL of your blog and how to login
  • Remember to log off your blog though, if other people use that computer

4 thoughts on “Welcome new student bloggers

  1. Dear Mrs. W,
    I likes you puzzle it is hard. I took me 10:25 seconds. It felt like forever! I saw you left a comment on my blog. I think you will have to be a pro. If you liked my first one then you will like this one,

    Thank you,

  2. Dear Ms.W,

    I really enjoyed your puzzle but at some point it got a little hard. Something that really helped me was the picture so it made it easier. My time was 9:35 but it was very fun!!! Come check out my blogs: https://goo.gl/yeQY5y


  3. Dear Ms. W,

    I really liked the puzzle. My time was 10:15. I liked how the puzzle was separated into 4 parts. My time wasn’t that fast because I did not understand what to do at first. Come check out my blog! https://goo.gl/JstMcz


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