Work to complete Week1

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G’day Mr Samphier’s students,

In my previous post I mentioned the area in the header labelled “Work completed”. It is now up to date as at today. You will notice the green squares mean you have completed that work, red squares relate to the word in red in the first column, yellow means you have done part of the activity and a blank square means you still need to do the activity.

Many of you have timezone in red; this is because you haven’t gone to dashboard>settings>general and changed to Hobart and then saved that change by going to the bottom of the page and clicking the big button.

As you complete something, leave me a comment on the Work Completed page and then I will check it and mark it off on the sheet.

If you have a question about something you are asked to do, leave a comment again on the Work Completed page again.

Over this next week, try to complete the work up to and including the bootcamp comments. Some of you have written your comment about logging in and your profile which was step 1. But step 2 is about creating your avatar and writing a post – you need to leave a great comment for Sue Waters for me to mark off step 2.

Next week, we will look at embedding some widgets so you can know where people are coming from to read your blog posts. Once you have added a visitor counter, I will start mentioning your blogs to my teacher friends around the world and they might leave you some comments on really great posts you have written.

6 thoughts on “Work to complete Week1

  1. Hi Suzanne
    Could you please read my post that is called All About Amber.
    It is really easy when you say what to do.
    I will do some of this at home.
    thank you for telling me what to do.

    • G’day Amber,
      Thanks for leaving a great comment. Tomorrow I will be checking what you have done for that list of work completed. So remember to check that every Wednesday as that is when I will update it each week.

  2. Hi sue I’ve done the background and changed my name to just Izzy not riv19Izzy and I have left a comment about me and had lots of fun.

  3. Hi sue,
    i have really enjoyed our first day i am really exited to keep working with you although my blog did not work.

  4. Hi Sue today I did the all about me post and the theme which I really enjoyed thank you for coming in to our class looking forward to talking to you soon

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