Catch up week

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heights.18145 via Compfight

Have you completed the following things from the last three weeks?

  1. Written a post about yourself remembering to be internet safe
  2. Written a post about your favourite animal and included an image from compfight – some posts I have changed from pending to draft because you hadn’t included an image yet
  3. Added categories and tags to your posts
  4. Suggest you create these categories – blogging tips, favourites, school work, passions – go to your dashboard> posts> categories
  5. Left a comment about adding an image to your post on this post
  6. Watched the commenting video
  7. Written your visiting blogs post including copy of the comments you left
  8. Commented on three student blogs and one post written by a student poster
  9. Visited Jena and Thanumi’s blogs to see their posts about commenting – see last week’s post

If you have finished this work, you are doing well. What could you go on with?

  • Check the work completed spreadsheet up in the header area
  • Write a post about something you are passionate about
  • Visit some other students blogs and leave great comments
  • Has anyone left a comment on your blog yet? You might need to reply to them.

Leave me a comment on this post telling me what you have finished in the list of 9 activities.

Next week we will start to get ready for the student blogging challenge.

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