Using images and visiting

Week 3 of the student challenge was using images. So today’s activities are:

  1. Create a jigsaw puzzle from an image and add it to a post on your blog
  2. Visit other children’s blogs to leave comments

Create a jigsaw – make sure you have saved an image to use on your computer

  1. Visit the following website
  2. Click on create in top bar
  3. Select image that you have saved on your computer that you want to make into a jigsaw
  4. Decide how many pieces, what type of pieces and whether they rotate or not
  5. Give the jigsaw a name and then click create at the bottom

Now you need the code to embed on your blog

  1. Top right corner is Share – choose the option of embed
  2. Now to the bottom of the page where it says Game
  3. Select the code underneath and copy it
  4. Back to your blog and start a new post
  5. Top right corner of writing area is Visual or Text – choose Text
  6. Paste into the writing area the code you copied earlier
  7. Save draft
  8. Check by right click preview to see if the puzzle is there
  9. If yes then submit for review or publish.
  10. Next time you start a new post, you will need to make sure it is in Visual not Text – only use Text when embedding code.

Visiting other blogs

Check out the jigsaw puzzles and stories that need an ending from the students listed below. Visit 1 from each group and leave a comment. Remember to include the URL of your blog in the comment, so they can come and visit you as well.

Some great stories to finish:



Some jigsaw puzzles to try are found here:

Mai ThaoVinceVan AnhBrandonIsma3elJoriAnusha,

Back to blogging

Hope you all enjoyed your two week holidays. While you have been swimming or fishing or visiting relatives, the student blogging challenge has been happening.

  • Week 1 was creating your comment or blog avatar and writing an About Me page
  • Week 2 was to watch a video about commenting and to leave a comment on the challenge post explaining what you learned or what other activities you completed from the challenge.
  • An extra activity was to add a visitor widget to your blog.

All these activities are also mentioned in the Work Completed page above the header.

So this weeks work:

  1. Make sure you have completed the week 1 and 2 activities,
  2. Add a visitor widget to your blog
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you have finished and what I need to mark off on the work completed page
  4. Make sure you have read any comments you have received and answer these comments. I know some students have had mentors leave comments already.

Once all this is done, then have a look at Week 3 of the challenge. This is a fun two weeks where you get to do things with images and videos.