Step 1: Logging in

You need to know how to login to both your class blog and your own personal blog.

  1. In the address bar of your computer, type in the URL of your blog eg username
  2. In the top left corner, click on login
  3. Type in your username and password that was in the email you received from Edublogs or you have when using your class blog
  4. Click on the big blue button and it should now take you to your dashboard where you can begin
  5. If you do not get sent to your dashboard, then hover over My Sites or the Name of your blog in the top left corner and click on dashboard


If you have logged in via your class blog, you will see the following on the left side of your dashboard.

Notice you can’t do very much on your classroom blog.

If you are a user or contributor on the class blog and can write posts on it, the image might be slightly different to what you can see here.

The higher your role, the more options you have on your dashboard.

To get to your personal blog from here, hover over My Sites and click on the name of your blog.


But if you have logged in via your own personal blog, you will see more options like this.

As owner of your blog, you can

  • change the appearance,
  • add links and images,
  • write posts and pages,
  • add users,
  • change settings and so on.




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