Step 3: Settings and plugins

Checking your settings

Change your blog title and tagline, set time zone – dashboard> settings> general

Be internet safe in what you choose. Make sure timezone is Hobart and choose how you want dates and times to show on your blog. Finally save changes button.


You may ask what is a plugin?

You may have noticed when you have your dashboard open, that there is a section down the side called ‘Plugins’.

A plugin extends the way you can use your blog. It might be a form to add to posts, some extra widgets for the sidebar, an easy way to add images to posts – all these are done by activating a particular plugin. Here are some posts to read about activating plugins and an overview of those available on your blogs (instructions included). (Some of these may no longer be available)

There is one plugin automatically set up on your blog.

Compfight – easy way to add creative commons images to your blog posts. Make sure you have the settings correct. This is how I have them set for this blog. Here is a post I wrote for the student blogging challenge which gives instructions on using the compfight plugin.

On your dashboard> settings> click on compfight and change to image below. The main one to change is Small image size to 240 on the longest side

Compfight settings


8 thoughts on “Step 3: Settings and plugins

  1. I was unable to find compfight on my pluggins options, I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Other than that all is well I will continue on with a few other steps and give it some time to hopefully solve this problem.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Go to your dashboard> settings> compfight is in there. You only need to change the small size of images to longest side 240 then save.

    • Nathan,
      Are you using a blog from the Edublogs platform? Your teacher might have to activate the plugin on the class blog first, then save the settings for your student blogs.

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