Step 4: Blog theme

This is an activity that could take you ages to do. There are nearly 300 themes to choose from.  So before you start fiddling with themes, think about what you want your blog’s appearance to look like.

  • Do you want 1 sidebar or 2 sidebars?
  • Do you want to be able to change the picture in the header?
  • Do you want a tagline?
  • Do you want pages mentioned in the header?

Sue Waters, one of the managers at Edublogs, has written a post grouping some themes according to what they can offer you. Check out her post then look at some examples of student blogs below. Also check out the widgets in their sidebars. Take note of any you would like on your blog.

Jenna uses Brand New Day, Kehana uses Notepad Chaos,  Bronte uses Twenty Ten, Brooklyn uses Just Pink,  Lily uses bouquet, May uses Classic chalkboard, Madeleine uses White Christmas, Iggy uses Spirit, Penelope uses Cherry Blossom, Ines uses Ever After, Nicholas uses Cheer, Vinnie uses Eighties, Vincenzo uses Twenty Ten

To change your theme:

Step 1. Blog dashboard, go to appearance then themes.

Step 2. It takes nearly two minutes for all themes to load. Wait until this appears before making a choice. Then click on mobile friendly.



Step 3. Look for one you like then click live preview underneath. If you want this theme,  click the big blue save and activate button. If you want to choose another theme click cancel instead.

Step 4. To customise your theme go to appearance and check which options are available for you to change. Sometimes you can change the background image or colour. You might be able to change the header image or colour.  If changing a header image, make sure you write down the number of pixels eg 1200x 450 so you can create your own image the right size in paint or an image editing program.


You can change your theme as often as you like, but each time check for widgets that might have changed, been moved into the inactive widgets area or even changed to a different sidebar area like a footer.

2 thoughts on “Step 4: Blog theme

  1. Had so much fun choosing a theme for my blog! I have been sat here for absolutely ages working through the steps and basically just exploring! So excited to write my first post!

  2. Love the theme you have chosen Elizabeth. I hadn’t seen that one before. To get back to the draft post you have created, go to your dashboard> posts> all posts> hover under your draft post and click on edit. That will take you back to the draft.

    When you are ready to publish, click on the big blue button Submit for review or Publish on the right below the draft button. I will then be notified and can check if it is suitable for publishing. Remember don’t add too much personal information.

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