Step 8: Widgets

There are hundreds of different widgets you can add to the sidebar of your blog. But you need to think about the design of your blog as well.

  • some widgets are noisy- music, games, pets
  • some take up a lot of space – games, shelfari
  • some distract your readers – noisy games

There are some widgets I would like to see on your blog and these are provided by Edublogs so are easy to add to your sidebar.

How to add Edublogs widgets

  1. Go to blog dashboard> appearance> widgets
  2. Open your sidebars
  3. Now just drag and drop into the dotted boxes
  4. Move widgets around, just drag and drop within the sidebars

Widgets to add: class blogs, links, recent comments (10), recent posts (10), categories, clustrmap

Adding your clustrmap involves more than just drag and drop. Once it opens fill in:

  1. The title eg My visitors
  2. URL of your blog – part of it is shown but you need to add your username after the /
  3. Click the little box about having read and agreed to their terms of service
  4. Now fill in your email.
  5. Finally click the big save changes button on the left.

You will now receive an email from clustrmaps where you can log in as admin to your account.

You want to add a pet to your blog? Follow these instructions.

Here is a post showing many other widgets you could add to your blog sidebar. The instructions for adding the code is found at the bottom of the post.

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