How to … create a Voki

A Voki is like a talking avatar. Follow these instructions to create your own Voki and add it to your blog sidebar or in a post.

Visit the Voki website here

Click on create


This will take you to the Voki dashboard


Start customizing your character


  1. Choose your person by
  2. Moving the arrows across to find a group that you want eg anime, politics, holidays
  3. Do you want male, female or all choices?
  4. Scroll up and down if there are more than 9 choices – you can’t choose one with a hat in the right corner as these are for the paid version of Voki
  5. Finished the type of person, now head back to the top to choose clothing
  6. Last step is choosing bling like glasses, lipstick etc
  7. Finished – click done

Now it is time to give your character a voice


As you are in Australia, you don’t use the telephone but you can

  1. type the text
  2. use an inbuilt microphone or attach a microphone
  3. add an audio file you have already created
  4. When typing your text, make sure it is correct spelling and punctuation as this will make a difference when the Voki speaks.
  5. Click the arrow to play back the text as you go
  6. Choose the accent or language you will be using
  7. Choose the voice – male/female Aussie/English/American etc
  8. Finished – click done

Now for the final touches – tweak your colours


Choose the background you want for the Voki


Decide on the colour theme of the Voki player before you add it to your blog.


Now it is time to share your Voki

  • Click Publish
  • Give a name to your scene and save
  • When the email screen comes up click on No thanks then close on the next screen
  • Choose the size of your Voki
  • Copy the code making sure you scroll down to get it all

Adding Voki to a post

  1. Start a new post
  2. Put in the title
  3. Click on Add Media button above the post writing box
  4. On the left hand side choose Insert embed code
  5. Paste in code in the box then bottom right corner Insert into post
  6. Your post writing box area will now have a grey square

Finish writing your post explaining why you created the Voki and what it is about. Include a link to the Voki website as well so your readers can visit and have a go for themselves.

Adding Voki in sidebar

  1. Go to dashboard> widgets
  2. Drag a text box up to the sidebar area
  3. Paste in the code in the box
  4. Give a title to your text box
  5. Save