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Comment blog button - Please credit by linking to easy week this week in the challenge. It is time to visit some Tasmanian class blogs listed on my sidebar here.

I suggest you check out 2/3 Moore, 4 BC and  4/5 Hortle – they also have student blogs attached to their blogs. Look for the heading Class Blogs.

Read a post and leave a quality comment.

Also check if you have been receiving any comments on your posts. Have you been replying to any questions that might be there? Your comments on your own blog will go straight through without a teacher moderating them so make sure they are good enough.

Two ways to find the comments on your blog:

  1. Go to your blog home page. Click on the title of a blog post that has comments. Now you should be able to see the comments and whether you have replied. Click on the reply button if you want to add more to the conversation. You don’t have to reply to every comment. Some don’t need any answer from you. Keep going back to your home page to find the next post with comments.
  2. Go to your dashboard> comments> all comments  You should now see all the comments left on any post of your blog. If there is a comment you want to leave an answer on then hover and click on reply underneath. Remember to click the big update button when finished that comment. The comment you have written will now be at the top of the list of comments. Using this method is more difficult if you have already left some comments on some posts.

Source for image: Creative Commons License sergio santos via Compfight

Comment: Did you find something interesting on the class blogs that gave you an idea for a post on your own blog?