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Hatch films
Finally we have some footage of all of the hatching that\'s been going on here at Franklin. The most exciting one is this one of the rare Dorking chick unzipping from it\'s egg. You can clearly see the way that the egg is carefully cracked all the wa (More)
Here\'s a quick video taken by a student of what our now 6 week old chicks have been up to: Dustbathing! Yep, when they get back inside from being in the tractor our little blogstars like to have a du (More)
The results are in!
And they sure were interesting! OK, so firstly, here\'s what we are seeing when we candle an egg - if it\'s a good one we should see a \'blood line\' around the base of the egg where the air sac is:   More)
Ernie, the curious kitten...
It\'s all gone a bit quiet in the incubator over the last couple of hours. Every now and then there;\'s a bit of chirping and the odd egg rolls around, but no more have hatched as yet. I wouldn\'t be surprised if we saw a few more hatch today though. (More)

One thought on “Getting Started!”

    1. G’day Johnathan,
      You might be able to ask Mrs Sturgess to add some links to game sites on your class blog. But a blog is more about you being creative – if you make a game using a website on the internet, you can often copy the embed code and add that to the blog. What sort of games are you interested in?

  1. Well done Sue – quick off the mark! It was a great privilege to be amongst connected educators from across the nation, discussing the use of high quality resources.

  2. Hi Miss W,

    It’s Mrs E here from 3/4 Bayside Learners. I’m wondering if you can help me with something.
    We are keen to include a short audio music recording of my class in a post. I’m yet to record it but have a few other little videos on my phone of my family busking. I’ve tried to load one of these videos in to a post but the files are too big. Do you have any tips on how I might do this?
    Mrs E and the Baysiders

    1. G’day Mrs E and the Baysiders,
      The best way to load a video is to upload first to YouTube – perhaps have a class channel – then download it from there. YouTube always compresses videos so it is more likely to be the right size when you download it to your blog. If it is still too big, you can always just put in the link to the video from there.

      If you only want to put an audio recording in use an app like Soundcloud or Audioboom to record it – then you can get the embed code and load it onto your blog.

      Here is an example of Soundcloud where I interviewed my father for family history – http://suewyatt.edublogs.org/2014/12/29/interview-test-run/

      Here is Emma who has been creating audiobooms since she was about 6 years old https://audioboom.com/EmsCanvas

  3. hi my name is Clara
    I riley in jowe your blog it’s fun , cool and awesome.
    hope you comment back.
    from Clara

  4. I’m from a another blog if you want to come on our blog tipe up
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    1. G’day Clara,
      Great to see you leaving a comment on my main blog. Remember though to check your spelling and punctuation before your press the submit button.

      PS I didn’t approve your second comment because I made the changes you suggested for your first comment and published that instead.

    1. G’day Merry,
      Thanks so much for all these links. I am sure the teachers reading this will get some ideas to use with their students.

    1. Hi Matt,
      It will depend upon the theme you have chosen as to whether you can change your background or not. If you change it to a picture you can usually tile it so the image is repeated often across and down the page. It will also depend upon the size of your image you want to use. To check if your theme allows it, go to your dashboard> appearance> customise. Hope this helps.

    1. Looking at your blog, your different menus you mean Hot News and Controversial News. Your best way is go to your dashboard> posts> categories Create Hot News and Controversial News as categories. Now whenever you write a post you tick the category on the right side of the writing post area. To have them appear as a menu at the top of the blog, you go to appearance> menus> on the left use categories and drag them across into the menu, save the menu.

      You will need to get rid of the two pages you have created so far titled Hot News and Controversial News. Hope this makes sense Matt.

  5. Hi miss W
    My sidebar suddenly disappeared when i was trying to do my pet, how do i get it back?

  6. Hi Ms W!
    I too have found that having a PLN through social media has been an invaluable tool for professional development – I hope that blogging can become a way to further that experience.

    You have such a wide range of interests – I look forward to following your journey through the edublogs challenge.


  7. Wow, well a wealth of experience blogging. I love how you have incorporated it into your passions too! That’s an area I never considered, maybe I will eventually start one for golfball carving, hmmm… Thoughts?

  8. You’ve inspired me to try blogging with my students again this year. I teach Dig Tech R-6, so think I might start with Year 5/6s. I had a look at your Kids in the Mid blog and I’m really excited about some of the ideas from there.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lee,
      I also run a student blogging challenge which starts in March 2017. If you have student blogs or a class blog started by then, feel free to join us. Lots of the activities I do there relate to digital citizenship.

  9. What an awesome feeling it must be to know you have contributed to the enrichment of so many!
    So glad to connect via the #EduBlogsClub

  10. Hi Sue

    Thanks for sharing your blogging story! Very important advice about the need to be a connected educator for blogging to succeed and how it is important it is to develop this when blogging with students.

    I also appreciate the links to your family history blog. I have my grandfather’s old photos, letters and family tree information and have been pondering the best way to document this to keep for my children.


  11. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your story (and for visiting/commenting on my blog space)! You have a great diversity of experience blogging for yourself and with students. Thanks for sharing your resources. Looking forward to reading more as we continue the edublog club.

  12. When meeting with a teacher, do you prefer meeting on their turf (classroom, school’s library, etc.) or a neutral site?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Doesn’t really matter to me, wherever the teacher feels comfortable. Sometimes it is during a time off in school so go to their office or the children are out of the classroom so go there instead. I am used to doing meetings in lots of places like Skype with Sue Waters when I first began blogging, or Google Hangouts with bloggers I have met overseas, but many teachers starting blogging are not comfortable using those tools yet, so I go to them wherever they like. I often stay the night in a motel and organize to visit another school the next day to make it worthwhile. To drive from Hobart to Launceston only two and half hours or to the North West coast add on another hour or so.

      1. That’s the beauty of things like Skype and google hangouts hey?! The ability to “meet” with anyone, anywhere, anytime! People like me appreciate the flexibility people like you offer. I would struggle with a nomadic type of office space. Lol! I prefer to be in my own space.

      2. Hi Sheila,
        If I had to do it as a full time job, I might have different feelings. But being retired and only doing it one day per week, it means when I travel I can make it like a holiday and stay an extra day or so to see the scenery in the area I am in.

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Because they start their blog in school, they tend to think they can only use it during school time. This is often a downfall especially if they move classes and don’t have a teacher used to blogging. I try to get the students to blog about their passions and things they enjoy rather than their school work. Some teachers will accept work written on the blog rather than handed in for assessment. The students need to realise the blog can be written on any day of the week and in any place eg home, school, holidays etc.

  13. Hi Sue, oh no it wasn’t Elliott. It was Eugene that helped you! The new theme is looking good.

    Thanks for sharing the resources for others to check out!


  14. Name: Rom
    School: Edzone Online
    Role: Teacher
    Grades: 7 -10 all subjects
    Primary Goal: Engagement and communication.

  15. Hi my name is Mrs Hennessy. I teach at Sorell school. I am a classroom teacher. This year I have a grade 1/2 composite class. I want my students to be skilled in blogging and communicating with each other.

  16. Hi, I am Linda Fyfe. I am working with EdZone Online. We are excited about using blogging to share our young people’s work with their permission.

  17. Hi Sue

    Did you see how cool the Padlet embed looks in the Reader in the dashboard? It really grabs attention!

    I’ve scheduled your post to be tweeted over the next few days!


    1. Thanks for that Sue. I will be working on the student challenge registration forms over next week ready for them to go live in last week of February. If I put them out too early, students and teachers forget they have registered.

  18. I don’t have an answer for this, but I wish I did. Blogging is an integral part of my classroom – my students blog every week on a topic they choose and on Fridays in a learning reflection. We create content, and – when I remind them and give them time in class – they comment on each other’s blogs. In terms of reaching outside our classroom, however … well, we don’t. I’ve tried things like #comments4kids, but it’s rarely panned out.

    I promote blogs with my students (and their parents) as authentic writing for actual audiences … but I struggle with how to actually put this more into practice.

    1. Hi Christy, there are a range of different strategies you can use depending on the age of your students. How old are your students?


  19. Hi Sue, interesting reflection relating to participation in the challenge.

    I’ve always felt that the teachers who provide good guidance to their students for their class during the challenge achieve better outcomes. Has this been your experience? If so, what tips would you give the new teachers participating in the challenge to get the most out of it with their class?


  20. For authenticity, I’ve always expected students to comment on their blogs– to carry on a conversation. If I were still teaching, I want them to comment, and write a post linking to the other blog with so they could honor the original post with ideas of their own to further carry forward the conversation. My students participated in quadblogging.net in the past. And two years ago, a group of teachers from the #clmooc connected students with monthly blogging topics. It didn’t work as well as we’d hopes [everyone had curriculum mandates], but we decided that if we had stayed in our own content are for connections, it would have worked very well. Here’s my first post about it with a link to the introduction to the project: http://askwhatelse.blogspot.com/2015/09/where-i-from-clmaker.html So yes, teachers need to reach out to find places where people are connecting [quadblog, #clmooc, other chats] to connect classes. And, of course, there is still the Edublogs blogging challenges and #comments4kids.

  21. Sheri,
    Thanks very much for leaving a comment on this post. I think being a connected teacher is very important for that global collaboration which is now included in our digital technologies curriculum as well as other areas of the Australian curriculum.

    Are there any particular chats or groups you would recommend teachers join to make those connections?

    1. Sue, I follow #liveclass20 @liveclass20 #clmooc #geniushour #etmooc #engchat #edchat #blogamonth #teachersfirst @teachersfirst I would suggest cybraryman’s Twitter chat page as a starting point to follow hashtags and people in them that are in the same grade and content area. Have conversations and connect with those teachers. Follow their blogs to see what’s up and how your classrooms could connect. Reach out and suggest a Skype or Hangout. Perhaps do a Mystery Classroom. I find Twitter hashtags and chats the best way to connect. The second best way is live.classroom.com Saturday morning [except July] 9 am Pacific US time webinars. Lots of chat there and learning of technology. I’ve met some awesome people there, like @plnaugle So reach out on Twitter, start and follow and comment on blogs. Be a connected educator!

    2. Sue, Here’s the story of @mrsdkrebs and myself — how we connected and even presented at Connected Educators in 2012. Our presentation [prepared together through Twitter, Google Docs, Google Hangouts — we’d never met in person] is here

      Extend the Conversation

  22. Hi Sue,
    I love the blog. I was wondering how to get onto Cathrine Grace’s blog you set up at Mt. Nelson Primary today.

  23. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for the question. I have just published a Thank You post on each of the class blogs from today and part of the post includes links to your class blog, Mrs Grace’s blog and my student blog.

    I have also added a link to each of these on the sidebar area of your class blog.

  24. Hi Miss W,
    For some reason the widgets on me and my friends blogs that are the custom https type have disappeared!
    For example the pets and a poll I had on there have gone.
    Do you know what has happened?


  25. Hi Miss W,
    That ferret was the only one that stayed for it was in a different type of widget but the custom https ones are still not there!

    Thanks, Claudia

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Checked your blog and because you have changed themes, some of your widgets are now in an inactive area. You just need to drag and drop them back into your active widgets. Go to your dashboard > appearance> widgets and look at the bottom left where you will see a list of the inactive widgets. Click and drag on those you want still.

  26. Hi Sue,

    It’s great to hear what you did for Hour of Code! I know my 4yo would like the Frozen themed activity 😉

    I’m doing a few days relief teaching later in the week so I might have to look for some ideas!


      1. Oh I’ll have to take a look! I’m teaching gr 3/4 and they only have iPads so I’ll have to see what works on the iPad in the browser (don’t want to have to download apps). If you know anything off the top of your head, let me know! 🙂

  27. Hello, my name is greta.
    I am 8 years old. I can understand what you say PERFECTLY!
    thank you for your time.

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