Feathers, Fur or Leaves

science tableIn our class we have been working on our science unit. It is called Feathers, Fur or leaves.


We went on a nature walk and had to pick up 2 objects to put on our science table. Then we had to find out what was man made or grew in nature.



We each chose an item to do a line drawing of. A line drawing uses just a grey lead, with detail and shading. It also includes arrows and labels of the features of the item. We have lots of things on our table like: venus fly trap, cactus, types of crystal and much more. It is so much fun to be learning this sort of stuff.

By Lauren and Ellis.

the real fiona




Getting to know Tasmania’s towns, lakes and cities

tassie photo

We have been doing a jigsaw puzzle in class with a friend. It is the Tasmanian map. It takes 20 minutes roughly to do the map. Some people did the puzzle together. There are lakes, towns, cities, rivers and moutnains. It is very fun to do. It took confidence to do it. We used an old map of Tasmania to help us. It is a 3D map and it shows all the hills, mountains and valleys in Tasmania. The 3D map is so old it even has a hole in it. We found Lake Saint Clair, Eliott Bay. Blackmans Bay and Birthday Bay. Some of the towns that we found on the map were Devonport, Georgetown, Campbell Town and Derwent Bridge. We even found the highest mountain in Tasmania which is Mt Ossa.

tassie photo boys

The puzzle is helping us learn more about our state of Tasmania.

By Ed and Cody

Time with our buddies


Each of our primary classes has an early childhood buddy class. We get together to do activities like reading, origami, a maths challenge or artwork, either weekly or fortnightly. Today it was time to visit our Kinder buddy class.


As it’s Book Week, each of our students chose a book to read to their buddy. It had to be Australian in its content or at least be written by an Australian author.


Once the 2/3s had read to their buddy, they wrote about their narrative and drew a picture together.




There was lots of reading, chatting and sharing going on in the kinder classroom. The students were building relationships, negotiating the task and developing their skills in discussing a text. It seems our next buddy session is already something to look forward to!

Book Week 2016 is here!

Australia’s annual Book Week has arrived!

Book Week

The Children’s Book Council of Australia promote Book Week each year, deciding on a theme and selecting the shortlisted books in different categories before they announce Book of the Year. Our school loves Book Week and holds an annual Book Week Parade for all grades. We have two assemblies, an early childhood and a primary one. All the children have a chance to dress up as a favourite book character. Classes go up on stage and each child introduces their character and then walks down our ‘runway’. It takes a long time but students and teachers love it and the participation rate is really high. We enjoy celebrating our love of books and the characters that we get to know through our reading.

Our Parade was last week but the official Book Week is this week. This morning (Monday) we had an open morning called D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) for parents and carers to come in and read with us. Our wonderful librarian is also running a Book Fair all week. Some of us save up for weeks to buy books at the Book Fair.


This year’s theme is ‘Australia! Story Country’. Mrs E has filled our class with a fresh supply of books, largely Australian stories and authors, and put a display together to get us in the spirit. Book Week is now underway. Happy reading!

Loving Class Music

It’s Thomas and Jules here.

It’s been busy this week.

This week my class has been learning lots of things and a song.



Our music teacher is the wonderful Mrs Wolfe. In music we have been learning Monday’s Child, by Jon Madin.  It’s been fun. We have to listen and be careful.

For this song we used different instruments. We played marimbas, bass marimbas and xylophones. We played different parts. It took lots of practices. It was lots of fun .





Everybody loved it and had lots of fun doing it.

By Thomas and Jules.

Measurement work

We have been learning about measurement in 2-3 M.

After we had worked on our measurement booklet, our teacher gave us a little challenge.

We were given an A4 piece of paper, and in pairs we had to make the longest chain possible in 30 minutes. We had to decide how long to cut the strips and how wide to cut them. Jess and I cut the strips first then worked together to make the chain. We added links at both ends of the chain.





The longest chain was 2.33m, made by Sam and Claire from the class next door. The second longest chain was 2.1m. That one was made by Jess and I. The shortest chain was 36cm. It was fun, but challenging.

by Isobel and Jess

RSPCA cup cake fundraiser

On Monday 15th August our school held a cup cake morning tea to raise money for the RSPCA.

Some kids brought cup cakes to sell and some kids brought money to buy cup cakes and some kids did both. Some of the cup cakes were animal cup cakes and others were plain cup cakes with icing and sprinkles on them.

All the cupcakes had been sold by the end of the day.  One kid from my class even gave money to some kids who didn’t bring any so they could buy one. I thought that was very generous.

By Isobel R

Learn to Swim

For the last two weeks our Grade 3s have been going to Learn to Swim every day at the Hobart Aquatic Centre. We went to Learn to Swim on a bus. We left after recess and it took us half an hour to be at the pool ready to swim. We only just got back each day in time to eat our lunch.


We spent time in the water learning about boat safety and all kinds of strokes. We worked on our kicks, floating, arms, treading water and diving down to the bottom of the pool. We were organized into three different stages. All the grade 3s went in the 5 metre, 2 metre and 1.4 metre pools. We used kick boards and noodles and 2 groups jumped off a ledge.

It was a lot of fun and exciting to go swimming every day. We all made a lot of progress and our teachers were pleased with the effort we made. It made us very tired though and our days at school were busy because we were trying to get our work done but it was hard because our days were short. We all had to be super organized to be ready for swimming every day with our towels, cap, goggles and bathers.

by Edward and Zac



NAIDOC Award: to a Baysider

It’s always lovely when someone receives special recognition for their hard work.

naidoc logo

Today we saw Fiona, one of our Grade 2 Bayside Learners, receive a special NAIDOC Week award. It was presented at a whole school assembly by the Mayor of our local council. Fiona entered a national competition for NAIDOC week last year. Incredibly, there were 19 000 entries and 10 were chosen to receive the award. Fiona received a medal and a special gift.


I’ve asked Fiona to describe what the competition involved.

I had to draw some thing to do with Aboriginal culture. I drew a picture of a famous Aboriginal painting.

Well done, Fiona. We are all very proud of you and your effort!

Weekend Excitement

What a busy weekend!

The Rio 2016 Olympics began with lots of colour and excitement. Did you see any of the Opening Ceremony? Have you watched any of the events yet?

olympic_rings_on_white_206913I have some Olympic challenge questions for you. Have a go at answering these questions in a comment below.

  1. The Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro. In which country is Rio de Janeiro? What is the capital of that country?
  2. On which continent is Rio?
  3. How often are the Olympic Games held?
  4. In which city were the last Olympic Games held? and
  5. Which city will host the next Olympic Games?

While the Olympics were starting in Rio, I had a big day out myself. I took this photo while I was out. Where in Tasmania do you think I might have been?


Ask a friend or someone in your family to solve the mystery.